The ODIn Lab @

The Online Data Interactions Lab @ UB is about data. Databases, query compilers, data structures, algorithms, systems, implementation, and visualization. We’re interested in everything to do with storing, retrieving, and interpreting data. Our ultimate goal is to make data accessible, understandable, and comprehensible to anyone and everyone.


Real-world workloads change over time, often unpredictably. Static choices made by traditional cost-based query optimizers, physical layout designers, or query execution engines rarely allow for the possibility that assumptions made early on will change. We explore data structures, algorithms and programming techniques that enable [database] systems to be flexible enough to adapt to changing workloads.


Data is rarely complete, precise or certain. With data sizes growing and data rates getting faster, attempts at shielding analysts from uncertainty in data are becoming harder and harder to maintain. The need to make uncertainty a first-class programming primitive is growing, so we explore ways of exposing it to users in a way that is not only comprehensive, but understandable.


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