PL/DB Sp 2024

With a talk from Manos Athanassoulis earlier this week, we've wrapped up another semester of the PL/DB seminar here at UB. We had a really fantastic lineup this year, including five guest speakers (Jelle Hellings, Hannah Gommerstadt, Ryan Kavanagh Boris Glavic, and Manos).

Talks this semester spanned a range of different subjects, from distributed programming models, to indexing and data access methods, query processing, compiler optimization, and provenance. On the one hand, it's amazing to see such a diverse range of topics represented, On the other, it was also nifty to see students from across the board engaging with all of the speakers (student or otherwise).

Major props to Andrew Hirsch, who is more/less single-handedly responsible for reviving and bringing new life into the seminar.

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